Are you really Vera, Chuck, and Dave?

Actually, only one of us is named Dave. But we are all fans of the Beatles song When I’m 64 (one of us even had a surprise group serenade of the song at her wedding). Long before Boomers had ever thought about shopping for reading glasses and handrails, the Beatles somehow made growing older sound cool.

This is the spirit we want to bring to V,C &D. Generally speaking the representation of older adults on the Internet is… well, it’s kind of clinical and a little depressing. With noted exception of sites like Next Avenue, Old People Are Cool, AARP and a few others, the internet has done a crummy job of giving seniors a web portal that is less maudlin and more mod-ern.

We see lots of great things happening In Real Life when it comes to improving services and products for aging, weirdly – we haven’t seen as much of it online. Our job is to bring those things to you in a format that is interesting, easy to navigate, and appealing. We’re not trying to sell you widgets you don’t need but we think it makes sense for it to be easier to discover products that support good quality of life as you age.